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mIRT Supplies is a purpose-built supplies forecasting and management tool with easy integration with other tools and lets you easily create and compare supplies scenarios against trial objectives much faster with multiple forecasting models considering various supply parameters to simulate multiple supply scenarios/requirements. This enables you to devise supply strategy that reduce drug waste and study costs considerably.

Manage Supplies with Confidence

Reduce Drug Supply Overages, Outages and Costs upto 20%

Minimize risk of drug supply overage, wastage and drug outages at sites & depots by covering upcoming demand (predictable and unpredictable) with risk-based scenario planning at clinical study or program level.

Make Better Supplies Decisions

Inform Supply Decisions Throughout the Study

Easily compare scenarios and determine best methods based on cost, package size, resupply timeline, releases, global tracking, and other factors leveraging powerful visualizations to get answers and inform key supplies decisions.

Make Forecasting Easy

Reduce Efforts Needed to Build Forecasts with Better Visibility

Sophisticated modelling to run multiple scenarios with different variables and works with few inputs and forecast based on available information. Get User Interactive view of your forecasts (modified holt, moving average, inhibited, croston, others) complete with charts and graphs for better visibility across entire supply chain.

Learn how our mIRT Supplies can help to control your clinical supplies forecasting & planning process.
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