Web based auto coding system for Drug Development companies

CODEsmart is web-based, auto coding system that helps drug development companies reduce time and effort spent on searching and coding medical terms & IDMP terms. It minimizes manual efforts required to code terms and can be easily integrated with any 3rd party systems & databases which makes it a neutral to source system where coding is required. CODEsmart works as stand-alone system as well, using Excel uploads, if a source system is not available for integration.

Key Features:

  • Simple and Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports WHO-DD (B and C format), MedDRA and other dictionaries
  • Multi-project and multi-version support in a centralized environment
  • Easy to upgrade and manage multiple dictionaries and versions
  • Automated coding enables accurate classification and secure management, Pharmaceutical IDs & Substance IDs
  • Data extraction in CSV, Excel, XML and other formats
  • Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, GAMP and other regulatory standards

Key Benefits:

Centralized coding: CODEsmart helps serve all coding teams and verbatim sources in a robust, flexible and centralized environment. It offers a single platform to manage various projects and unlimited coding segments using multiple dictionaries with different versions in a secured, hosted environment for all coding teams - internal and outsourced.

Minimize manual coding efforts: Auto-coding functionality has been developed using advanced algorithms, synonym lists, and propagation functions which increases auto-code hit rate substantially. It further minimizes manual coding efforts by reducing error rate and increasing consistency and quality of data.

Mid project upgrade: With this tool, a decision can be made to upgrade or not to different versions of dictionary in middle of project, based on terms already coded and number of changes present in new dictionary. Post analysis and approval, tool provides robust process to upgrade to new version.

Quick implementation and Lower total cost of ownership: CODEsmart is available as a hosted solution based on SaaS model. It can be easily implemented with complete integration and validation in a short span of time.

24x7 support: DDi employs a pool of functional and technical resources to provide complete support and maintenance services like uploading, upgrading and migrating medical dictionaries, including 24x7 help-desk services by our in-house multi-lingual call center.

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