DDi announces the launch of its new forecasting platform - mirtAI

DDi, a clinical technology and automation provider, today announced the release of Cloud version of the supplies forecasting tool mirtAI. Previous versions were more project specific customized ones and were not affordable to all sizes of companies and projects. By utilizing some of AI aspects and bringing some standardization, this cloud version was released to keep it intuitive for using and ensured overall cost reduction. Along with paid options (professional and advanced), this cloud has a free option also.

Supply forecasting is complex as parameters like patient pool timing is tough to predict in some of the Therapeutic areas and a dynamic self-adjusted model are key to ensure a realistic forecasting. Most companies lack internal resources to develop these forecasts and rely on excels which creates challenges to keep them live once studies start.

mirtAI lets seamlessly create supply scenarios taking in several parameters to provide optimized supply options. It also maximizes study efficiency and minimizes costs even for studies like complex titrations, Cross Over and facilities modeling of unpredictable demand over time and uses these details to calculate drug quantity and when and where to ship that. This allows supply management teams plan their activity more realistically and less painfully.

We spent considerable effort to be sure we deliver a product that will enable clinical supply managers to plan more efficiently and successfully than traditional spreadsheet driven planning,” said Mahesh Malneedi.

About DDi

DDi brings products and solutions that fit-for-purpose and make-sense. It has built its solution competency with a unique blend of functional and domain expertise to serve the technology needs of global clients by leveraging automation and AI where ever possible. The customer base includes organizations from Top 50 global Pharma companies to small & mid-size biotechnology, medical device companies as well as academic/ research institutes.

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