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Clinical Supply Forecasting & Simulation with AI

Forecasting Accuracy is very Important

  • Investigation products may be life-saving or life-changing for patients in clinical trials
  • Your products / therapy may be their only option for their disease condition
  • Stable and accurate supply ensures timely completion of studies
  • Under-forecasting may lead to patient loss
  • Errors can be life-threatening
  • Too much product inventory shipped to sites lead to extra burden (and possible errors) to clinical sites
  • Over-forecasting will lead to increase in development costs
  • All in all, inaccurate forecasting increase work burden on project managers, operation teams and supply managers

Yet equally Challenging

  • Proper early insights not available in initial plans
  • Clinical related pipeline not explained well downstream
  • Supply chain is not always aligned closely with clinical operations
  • Technology tools are too static and significant manual work is required
  • Tools are not dynamic as they work in silos and don’t get Realtime info from other systems
  • If used excels, easy to make formula errors
  • Tough to compare multi-scenarios comparison in excels

mirtAI through its web-based simplified versions lets you seamlessly create supply scenarios taking in trial parameters, such as study design, subject recruitment, drop-out rate, and other parameters to provide optimized supply options. This will help you plan better to reduce drug waste / overage and study costs.

mirtAI benefits include:

  • Sophisticated modeling to run multiple scenarios with different variables
  • Minimize risk of drug supply overage, wastage and stock out
  • Identify in advance the risks and correct the supply strategies based on the demand
  • Maximizes study efficiency and minimizes costs
  • Simulate multiple study drug pooling
  • Identification of supply needs based on the trial actuals
  • User Interactive view of your forecasts complete with charts and graphs

Versions & Pricing Plans



Get Instant Forecasting Plans

  • Supply forecasting

  • Simulate for 10 sites, 2 Treatment groups

  • Simulate common scenarios (treatment groups, dispensing units/kits, dispensing visits)

  • Simulation of Randomization and Visits

  • View Demand Month wise & Site wise



Work together better with your growing needs

All BASIC Features +

  • Simulate for 100 sites & 4 treatment groups, Unlimited Visits

  • Map treatment arms to specific kit types

  • Define Kit types & quantity for each visit based on Treatment Groups

  • Simulate Mid-study (Ongoing study) demand scenarios.

  • Import Site & Patient recruitment details (from other IRT or CTMS systems)

  • Save the demand scenarios for future use

  • Compare the demand scenarios

  • Download Reports, graphs & charts in XLS & PDF formats



Customize & improve global supply management
Custom Pricing


  • Define supply parameters: Depot Site Shipment Lead time, QP EU Release time, Manufacturing time, Pending production orders, Packaging & Labeling Lead time, other parameters

  • Map Sites to Depots & Depots to Central Warehouse, Central Warehouse to Manufacturing Unit

  • Get required Overage percentage,
    site seeding and/or safety stock

  • Get Depots supply demand

  • Forecast Production Schedule based on demand

  • Get Overall Supply demand strategies

  • Comparison reports of forecast versus actual

mirtAI maximizes study efficiency and minimizes costs even for studies like complex titrations, Cross Over and facilities modeling of unpredictable demand over time and uses these details to calculate drug quantity and when and where to ship that. This allows supply management teams plan their activity more realistically and less painfully.