Single Window for accessing multiple functions in Clinical Trial

Drug development activities are becoming more challenging with life sciences companies conducting R&D in multi-countries, multi-indications and expanding their portfolio. These diverse operations not only demand better control over the budget, timelines and scope but also a better platform for all the stakeholders to work together efficiently with higher emphasis on seamless communication.

mPORTAL is a valuable and innovative solution for effective trial management. mPORTAL allows all stakeholders involved in a project to connect, communicate and collaborate using various applications under a single platform.

mPORTAL is available as a hosted/cloud based solution and validated as per the regulatory standards. It addresses most of the mundane activities in daily work making workflow easy for all the cross functional stake holders.


  • Single sign-on
  • Custom dashboards
  • Secured document exchange
  • CTMS features inbuilt
  • Document management (version control, check-in/check-out)
  • Business process management
  • Publish blogs, articles and forums
  • Calendars & scheduling


Better Collaboration: mPORTAL allows all study users & stake holders easily connect and share trial related information, documents and reports using rich collaborative features and content management functionalities.

Rich, Intuitive user interface: mPORTAL provides easy navigation of the system and is very user friendly. The rich & intuitive interface with robust features ensures high acceptance by the stakeholders.

Secure Document Exchange: mPORTAL allows users to upload/download, organize and manage all trial related information. It provides easy access to the latest version of study documents like eTMF, images, brochures, others. Documents of any format can be stored electronically and shared with individual users or groups involved in a study.

Single Window for Multiple Systems: Single Sign-on functionality helps users to login to multiple systems with a single click. Users don’t have to remember multiple user ids & passwords for different systems.

Higher Productivity & Efficiency: Managing all tasks from a single & easy-to-use portal increases the users’ acceptance level and productivity significantly.

Highly Configurable and Adaptable: mPORTAL is very flexible and adaptable to various processes and standards. It has been designed to accommodate the best practices in clinical trials, and can be easily customized for any specific study phase or therapeutic area.

Quick Implementation: Based on the client’s existing IT infrastructure and study needs, mPORTAL can be easily and rapidly deployed either as an on-demand/ Hosted solution or as an on-premise system with complete validation. DDi offers validated hosting environment with 24/7 technical support.

Seamless integration with third-party systems: mPORTAL can be easily integrated with other clinical systems like EDC, IWRS, IVRS, CTMS, ePRO, finance and safety systems.

Secured Data Protection & Disaster Management: Access to mPORTAL is given through secured internet connection. DDi has established full business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans ensuring high system availability and business support.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership: mPORTAL provides for significant time and cost savings. Companies can easily streamline their complex studies with fast access to data, enabling intelligent decisions to drive efficiencies in the management of clinical trials.

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