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How to determine if you have outgrown Microsoft Word

Although Word is a fine product and can be productive with a properly constrained workload, there is a point where continued usage can become painful if your workload has outgrown Word’s capacity.

The following are some symptoms that indicate you may have out the grown word:

  • Your staff spends an excessive amount of time waiting for large files to open or print
  • Modest edits to documents with a mixed page or column layout require more than a few minutes to fix damaged page breaks
  • Documentation requires complicated auto-numbered paragraphs that are fragile and break easily when using Word section breaks and other features
  • Maintaining multiple product versions of documents causes publishers to resort to duplicate files, copy/paste, and other crude techniques
  • Corrections to index markers take an inordinate amount of time
  • What seems to be a simple edit has added 17 minutes of publishing time correcting bookmarks, footers, or numbering that re-set incorrectly
  • Multi-file projects have inconsistencies in format and layout that have crept in despite using master documents or other techniques to bind separate files together
  • You may be required to regularly work with resource-intensive regulatory (country specific) requirements

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