Submission Management

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Solutions & Sample

  • Generate multiple dossiers from 1 master with a Click (avoid hours of manual copy/paste or build)

  • ROW countries and other countries (for those that your current submission tools don’t support and those you’re doing manually), manage here from plan to build to review/validate to publish

  • Automate steps you are doing manually in submission process and areas that your RIM or Publishing tools fall short

  • Automate QC
  • Manage full-cycle submission management from Documents level publishing (automatically done) to Dossier-level submission publishing

  • If you use external vendor or tool or eCTD, import those for better Document traceability

  • All country plans built-in
  • Built-in Country specific plans, requirements and templates. Build 510k, EU MDR and different country Tech Files and lifecycle applications with Ease

  • Customizable plans/templates based on your requirements for Countries with custom requirements

  • Publishing automated both at document and tech file level to save several hours of manual and tedious work

  • Leverage built-in EDMS for better collaboration and Traceability

  • Clone and generate multiple copies from master


  • Access all submission content from multiple sources within 1 interface
  • Incorporate your internal file naming and other standards easily along with your metadata options to maintain compliance easily and eliminate QC/Reviews/Oversight
  • Sophisticated rules engine
  • Collaborative reviews with optional workflows, alerts and embedded project management
  • Minimize errors, increase speed, reduce manual work with built-in automation
  • Utilize built-in Global country requirements DB to be sure always

Future of the industry depends on the ability to bring the highest quality products to market quickly and cost-effectively. It takes speed and power to transform the life science product lifecycle. With our Technology and Automation solutions, organizations can digitize their processes faster and manage complex regulatory processes, without limitations.

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