Award Tula CIO TOP 25 DDi Award

Oversight / Performance, Risk Management & Compliance

Vendor/CRO and Clinical Studies Oversight is Sponsor’s responsibility and accountability. Performance management of teams involved, both internal and external, is closely tied to this as well.

An integrated Oversight and Risk aligns these areas making them more efficient and manageable. It enables organizations to become proactive in identifying issues, rather than always having to react once they have arisen. Inefficiencies, errors and potential risks can be identified, avoided or contained, reducing exposure of the organization and ultimately creating better business performance.

A single centralized system across the study/project portfolio will enable companies to have a single source of truth to utilize for systematic monitoring of portfolio, project and studies performance, risk and compliance policies across. With growing reliance on CROs for development projects, having a standardized tool that ensures metrics measurement confidence is paramount to the overall success. As documents still are large part of teams’ daily activities, Artificial Intelligence enablement is needed to read text & spot potential issues.

TULA TM enables organizations to thrive by providing capabilities to:

Landmines, no more

Landmines No More
Identify and minimize potential risks, proactively

Zoom in, Zoom out

Zoom in Zoom out
Have appropriate oversight to anticipate problems

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence
Ability and knowledge to deal with issues hidden in Text document

Talk Relationships

Talk Relationships
Build robustness and knowledge in your organization through shared learning

ONE view to be sure :

Risk Management Tool

Key Benefits

  • Be SURE about Metrics (No dependency on Vendor’s Reports)
  • Helps you to be proactive (Effective linkage of Controls, Risks & Metrics)
  • Centralized Vendor Performance (Projects, Portfolios & Functions linked & rolled up) simple yet accurate
  • Action driven (with timely Alerts & Predictions)
  • No siloed systems (RBM, ICH E6 R2 compliance, Central Monitoring & others are all built-in)
  • Improves overall efficiency and productivity of organization

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