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CRO oversight Performance, Risk Management & Compliance Software

AI driven Performance, Risk Management & Quality Compliance

Vendor/CRO and Clinical Studies Oversight is Sponsor’s responsibility and accountability.

An integrated Oversight and Risk (signal detection) aligns these areas making them more efficient and manageable. It enables organizations to become proactive in identifying risks/issues, rather than always having to react once they occur. These help reduce risks of the studies and ultimately creates better business performance.

A single centralized system across the study/project portfolio will enable companies to have a single source of truth to utilize for systematic monitoring of portfolio, project and studies performance, risk and compliance across. With growing reliance on CROs and vendors for development projects, having an “intelligent” tool is paramount to the overall success.

TULA has built-in ontologies (Clinical studies, Sites, GCP, GMP, and more), semantic linkage that are leveraged by AI to provide newer insights on your data and hidden risks/issues are brought to light, before it’s too late

TULA TM enables organizations to thrive by providing capabilities to:

Oversight performance tool in clinical trials Clinical trial monitoring AI-Driven Technology CRO Oversight Performance tool CRO oversight tool

Several use cases:

CRO oversight Performance & RBM Tool for Clinical Trial

Key Benefits

  • Combine data & text effectively to connect all sources leading to newer insights and hidden risks/issues
  • Be SURE about Metrics
  • Helps you to be proactive (Effective linkage of Controls, Risks & Metrics)
  • Centralized Vendor Performance (Projects, Portfolios & Functions linked & rolled up) simple yet accurate
  • Action driven (with timely Alerts & Predictions)
  • No siloed systems (RBM, ICH E6 R2 compliance, Central Monitoring & others are all built-in)
  • Improves overall efficiency and productivity of organization

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