Successful IRT Partnerships

Speaker: Kate Chapman

Given the specialist nature of IRT systems, it is now almost impossible for mid and small-sized pharma companies, and biotechs, to develop or maintain bespoke, internally-managed IRT systems. Most company staffing protocols simply don’t allow for the kind of infrastructure necessary to maintain such a specialist team, so we must inevitably look elsewhere for specialist IRT service providers.

What happens when individual study teams are given the responsibility to select and manage their own chosen IRT vendor? How often have we seen one team encountering seemingly insurmountable difficulties, leading any teams following in their footsteps to automatically reject that IRT vendor, select another and subsequently experience very similar problems? How much better could the experience be if we were to invest proper time and effort with a single selected vendor, over time learning from our mistakes, improving our procedures and passing on knowledge to the study teams following behind us?

  • What are the pitfalls when each team is allowed to select their own IRT vendor?
  • What does a good IRT vendor partnership look like?
  • What will we need to invest in order to develop a successful partnership?
  • How do we choose a partner?
  • Where could that partnership take us in the future?