Vendor/CRO Oversight How effectively are you doing?

Speaker:Sandra “SAM” Sather


Vendor/CRO Oversight is sponsor responsibility and accountability. Vendor Oversight is a high level but an intellectual task which needs right plan, approach and good technology support to get real insights from huge data being generated and activities happening on a project/study. Appropriate oversight and adequate risk management are needed to ensure better compliance, higher quality, lower vendor risks, and to have better return on budgets.

Most sponsors either fail or fall short to achieve these objectives mainly due to lack of comprehensive oversight and risk management approach. Also, heavy-dependency on vendor for providing their own metrics and performance reports may be risky for sponsors. This webinar is planned to focus on vendor oversight plan, as well as strategies by identifying critical elements required and also aligning proper techniques of risk management.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Need for vendor oversight & regulatory perspective
  • Oversight strategies/plan
  • Identifying key KPIs for vendor/projects oversight
  • Linking Risks & Metrics
  • Self-reliance instead of vendor dependency for data/reports
  • Proactive management of KPIs, Risks and Compliance with technology