Reduce Labeling Content, QC & Tracking Challenges

Reduce Labeling Content, QC & Tracking Challenges

Labeling errors, mix-ups and misbranding are among the most prevalent labeling errors that can lead to product recalls. Most labeling activities (content, local labels QC, publishing) are still predominantly manual putting a dent on productivity and increasing costs.

Most of this is a known story for labeling teams. Labeling leadership should move towards digital & automation and away from “same-old document” world. COVID showed all companies the overall possibilities, opportunities and risks as well. So labeling teams should not aim to go back to “normal” status-quo when it comes to labeling.

This whitepaper discuss about the benefits of labeling automation & digitization in:

  • Label Content Management & Life cycle automation
  • Labeling Compliance automation
  • Labeling publishing automation
  • QC Review Process and more...

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