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  • 01-Pfizer
  • 02-Roche
  • 03-Mersana-Therapautics
  • 04-mesoblast
  • 05-Tahio-Pharma
  • 06-Bayer
  • 07-Glenmark
  • 08-Horizon
  • 09-Lupin
  • 10-Merck
  • 11-B-Braun
  • 12-Brainlab
  • 13-Johnson-&-Johnson
  • 14-Philips-Healthcare
  • 15-Sartorious
  • 16-Oxford-Immunotec
  • Guertbet

Trusted by Pharma & Medical Device companies


DDi is an innovative Technology partner for BioPharma, Medical Device, Consumer Health and Mixed Portfolio companies. DDi has built its competency with a blend of functional / domain expertise to serve the unique technology needs of these industries providing Software Products and Automation solutions.


Enterprise platforms with Modular approach


Fit-for-purpose & Automation included at every step


Cost effective & best ROI


For Large Companies:

  • Achieve Digital milestones faster

  • Implement full platform for best ROI or in modular approach to fit your business requirements and budgetary goals

  • Automation solutions that greatly minimizes several of your current manual processes

  • Our platforms can utilize data/documents from your existing Tools/Systems to minimize duplication/overlaps to provide seamless workflow

  • Backed by our professional services and systems integration teams to ensure , faster and efficient implementations

  • Clear documented business benefit of at least 20% to 70% for several of your functions

For Small/Mid-level Companies:

  • “Fit-for-purpose” modules (no bells or unnecessary functionality) to ensure faster implementation time and easier adaption for end users

  • Simpler licensing including Concurrent user models and Pay-per-use Leverage our IT infrastructure and fully-validated “Private cloud” in USA/Germany

  • With years of domain experience & product development, we made cost of ownership optimal with very low maintenance costs

  • Backed by our professional services and program management teams to ensure right implementation in shortest time possible.

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