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DDi is an innovative Technology partner for BioPharma and Medical Device companies. DDi has built its competency with a unique blend of functional / domain expertise to serve the technology needs of this industry. We serve Clinical, Regulatory, and Enterprise domains by providing innovative technology products and automation solutions for companies of various sizes.



Cost effective


For Large Companies:

  • Achieve Digital Transformation faster
  • Automation solutions that greatly minimizes several of your current manual processes
  • Our platforms leverage & use your existing Tools/Systems (there by increasing mileage of your IT investments done already)
  • Backed by our professional services and our integration platform, connecting to several 3rd party systems/software is faster and efficient
  • Clear documented business benefit of at least 20% to 70% for several of your functions

For Small/Mid-level Companies:

  • Made “fit-for-purpose” (no bells or unnecessary functionality) to ensure faster implementation time and easier adaption for you
  • Leverage our IT infrastructure and fully-validated “Private cloud” in USA/Germany
  • With years of domain experience & product development, we made cost of ownership optimal for you and provide best ROI in industry
  • Backed by our professional services and our integration platform, connecting to any of your current systems/software faster
  • Hosted cloud applications that come with 21 cfr part 11 / gamp compliance
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20 April 2023

In recent years, decentralized and hybrid clinical trials have emerged as promising alternatives to ...

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