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Automated Content Management platform

Adaptive and Agile – Supporting Content needs of Your Entire Organization

When it comes to delivering value on content and document management, software must be able to adapt in order to avoid expensive maintenance or upgrades. Content Management foundation should be flexible enough to handle exceptions, manage different type of content needs, and address the evolving requirements of the entire user community. smartDOC is made up of a unique set of technologies that provides the ability to adapt to the diverse content managementoptions required by organizations. This gives your company the agility to organizational shifts, competitive changes, constant content changes, and regulatory compliance mandates.

Specifically, smartDOC adapts to:

  • People – the needs of the people involved in making decisions and driving workflow;
  • Ecosystems – the front-end and back-end systems in your company as well as external including regulatory agencies; and
  • Change – the inevitable changes in roles, responsibilities, policies, procedures, regulatory requirements, and new or modified IT systems.

To support adaptability and quick response time to changes, smartDOC offers a number ofcontent management tools to manage documents and data. Flexible user interfaces allow easy access so that these documents can be modified, content pieces reused, data embedded directly into documents from one central location. This usable, code-free interface makes it easier and faster to access and deploy changes to the process components.


  • Organize – Find correct documents faster

  • Plan – Drove progress with planned deliverables

  • Execute – Efficient structured & unified processes

  • Collaborate – Secure collaboration with all parties

  • Deliver – Deliver quality documents to stake holders quickly

smartDOC Overview

The features below allow you to manage content and automate with high accuracy, faster and less compliance risk.


Template Designer

Design templates in UI interactively making it business user friendly and no coding involved


Authoring Wizard

Simple user-driven interface with interactive wizard



smartDOC gives users greater control over the review process where multiple participants can review the same document at the same time. Reviewer module is web-based so it can connect all users involved in a collaborative project from virtually anywhere. Reviewer module is integrated with other smartDOC modules and solutions for a holistic approach to quality management.



Integration with pre-built or customized workflows.


Content Approval

Ensure only the correct content and data is in approved versions


Text Libraries

Create, maintain and manage finalized reusable content.


Data and Variables

Variables at project, product and global level for dynamic run-time updates.


Dynamic Data Sources

Source the data you want to use whenever you need.


Data Integration

Use your existing data safely and securely.


Rules Engine

Automatelogical flow and conditional decision with rules built at document or global level. No coding involved


Advanced Publishing

Format and publish documents automatically using vast Word / PDF library


Bulk Operations

Create related group of documents efficiently and apply bulk data changes with interactive wizard for better control



Apart from document flow tracking, check analytics for document and content process improvement


Flexible Integration

Integrate smartDOC with your systems, databases and document repositories.


Access Control

Share documents, folders, sections or even the whole account with different permissions (Previewer, Viewer, Editor, Upload-only) to anyone you like. Use Okta or Active Directories for central user management.



All documentation is in the same, easily searchable location. Users can easily provide documentation to auditors or allow auditors to have limited access to select documents in the system.

Ready to manage your content and future proof it reducing life-cycle management burden ?