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GSPR Automation

Though GSPR follows a template, life cycle changes to it is a highly manual process. For every change in a product or standard or file location, changing these files manually to maintain compliance is a challenge. Add that with multiple GSPR documents and you know how inefficient this process with several manual hours spent by experienced technical members is.  

Our solutions include:

  • Writing UI: Use MS Word or our web based UI for authoring. As some of them need deep collaboration, you will have options to add workflows, QC, alerts and trackers. Central re-usable content repository can be leveraged boteh form MS Word and our Web based Writing interface
  • Data: Data (from change control, or product databases or master data or Excels) embedded in GSPR directly. When source data changes, update the documents automatically without again having to redo most of the content. This is accomplished using a specific bulk operations wizard to guide through steps involved

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