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Professional Services

Our implementation team is well experienced with a combination of strong technology and functional subject experts. They’ll work with you through the entire implementation life cycle, committed to your business requirements, project deadlines, and ROI objectives.

Deep expertise that allows you to generate value quickly

DDi’s professional service teams help you maximize your technology investment by ensuring successful implementation of our products. Our mission is to partner with our clients to resolve the most business and functional challenges – together.



A carefully constructed plan with an expert team is key in getting your project done on time and fully adopted at go-live. A carefully constructed implementation plan, where you’re helped along by an expert team that’s devoted to project success. It is the key for getting any technology project done on time, within budget, and with full user adoption at go-live. That’s exactly what we’ve provided for companies worldwide.

Implementing a technology solution is an investment of not just dollars, but your organization’s valuable time and focus. We’re mindful of both; That is why we work diligently on developing a professional, proactive, and collaborative partnership with every client, applying a thorough project management methodology to ensure successful implementation.

At your pace

Whether you want to move swiftly or need some time to ramp-up, our team can implement at the pace that fits your organization.

Configurations that fit

We help you to unlock the power of our products and platforms with configurations tailored to your unique business.


Cloud Services

We offer robust, secure solutions to support data availability and storage requirements across the globe.

Performance and Reliability

  • 99.99% availability in the preceding 12 months using the DDi Cloud environment.
  • No co-mingling of client data utilizing separated databases and file structures.
  • Optimized cloud environment, tuned specifically for DDi products, allowing clients to receive the best performance, security, and reliability available.
  • Global DDi workforce us available 24/7/365 to immediately handle any issue.
  • Application performance monitoring that permits us complete visibility over our products from end-to-end, so we can create baselines and react to changes to those baselines before clients see any impact.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Future-proof your operating environment by ensuring you won’t have to worry about buying more infrastructure hardware or purchasing additional infrastructure software down the road.
  • Fast product deployments and managed upgrades ensure you’re always using the latest version of a product.
  • No need to build, manage, and maintain costly infrastructure and security controls.


Our training programs ensure that your users are utilizing and adopting our systems to their fullest extent.

To get the most out of best-in-class solutions, training is the key to success. Become an expert in our solutions or create a team that can optimize your business technologies.

Increased knowledge equals increased value. Through in-depth training courses, clients will learn how to better manage and utilize the features of our products. Our training courses are designed to teach multiple functionalities and features of all our product lines, offering clients immediate training application in their day-to-day business operations.

Sample courses include:

  • End user fundamentals
  • Solution administration
  • Reporting