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Devices & Diagnostics – Business & Functional Solutions

DDi is one of the most experienced providers of workflow automation solutions and technology to the Banking and Financial Services sector. 

DDi understands that medical device digital efforts are challenged by ever growing regulatory demands, increased complexity (Centralized / Decentralized, different cost centers, distributor network), and budget realities. The unique capabilities of our Digital platforms allow device manufacturers create a seamless, flexible, connected, digital end-to-end experience – quickly, without complexity, and tailored to your exact needs:

DDi ensures that our Device manufacturers realize deep benefits of digital business process automation: security, compliance, accountability, process visibility, responsiveness, customer/distributor experience, mobility, and cost efficiency. And our proven enterprise level digital automation technologies achieve these benefits with speed of delivery, reliability, performance, flexibility, and cost effectiveness.

Instead of adapting your business and processes to fit off-the-shelf SaaS applications or engaging in expensive bespoke development and one-off customization, DDi has a better way: A proven, agile platforms developed for a specific goal – creating a seamless, flexible, connected, digital end-to-end enterprise – quickly, without complexity, and tailored to your exact needs.

Each of the DDi’s four key platforms excels in its category and, together, add up to enterprise-level digital transformation:

ViSU (Regulatory Information & Process Management) platform with pre-built modules that translates business-level requirements into unified families of production-ready and seamless software applications

REGai (Regulatory Automation) platform that includes AI, NLP and Business rule driven automation foundation with several solutions that are readily configurable to meet most of the Regulatory function requirements

Vistaar (Regulatory Intelligence) platform that blends Technology and regulatory experts to drive monitoring and mitigate compliance risks

smartDOC (Content Management) platform that flexes from a basic document management needs to advanced component structure that empowers users while making documents “future proof”

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