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Solutions – at the speed of Digital

DDi Digital platforms Suite is a “fit-for-purpose” concept in business process management and automation: a platform designed to automate an entire business or individual business functions, in order to create a seamless, flexible, connected, digital end-to-end enterprise or function– quickly, without complexity, and tailored to your exact needs.

Although software applications created with the DDi platforms readily handle the most sophisticated, mission-critical use cases, its common domain model and pre-built functionality, content, solution fragments, integrations, and starter solutions make powerful business processes accessible, for the first time, to organizations of any size.

And DDi’s professional services team manages training, mentoring and implementation services ensures that our technology works to its full potential to realize true digital journey.


Industry Solutions

DDi has successfully automated several different process solutions in all industries listed below, which makes us truly diverse tech solution provider

From low code Pharma, Biotech, Medical Device, Diagnostics, Consumer Care, Chemical and others, DDi provides the perfect solution that meets your industry’s standards and will equip you with the right tools that will allow your company to adapt and thrive in changing markets.

  • Eliminate siloed business process data

  • Reduce user training requirements, support calls, and errors

  • Respond rapidly to a changing regulatory and business environment

  • Meet highly complex requirements without expensive custom coding

  • Integrate with multiple external systems

  • Get visibility into process activity, performance, and business improvement opportunities

  • Out-of-the-box orchestration

  • Unmatched, multi-level reusability and enforcement of best practices

  • Consistent of construction, implementation and UI

  • Solution families, rather than individual point solutions

  • Any device and browser – without additional development effort

  • Ensure productivity, performance, and scalability of in-production processes

  • Easily localizable and adaptable for any use case