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Regulatory Intelligence Platform

Take Control of Regulatory Requirements

With our Regulatory intelligence solution, you will always be confident that you have the latest regulatory requirements that applies to your organization — whatever the jurisdiction. Streamline the process of classifying regulations, organizing them, and identifying impending changes without switching between spreadsheets or different systems. Continue to receive relevant regulatory alerts throughout the entire legislative process, never missing a beat.

Smart Library

  • Get access to our large online library on the market that provides you with global regulations in several industries (BioPharma, Medical Devices, Digital Health, Consumer Health, OTC, Food and Cosmetics)

  • Organize your library by applicable topics, get document summaries, and create tasks around them to prioritize high-risk items

Regulatory Alerts and Horizon Scanning

  • Our AI-powered platform will only send you alerts that apply to your organization directly, filtering out the noise and giving you an at-a-glance overview of what’s important

  • See exactly what’s new in the modified text with our automatic change-tracking feature and quickly identify the requirements that apply in one clean, easy process

Intelligent Search

  • Help your team to scale and quickly adapt to any internal and external changes, like entering new markets or expanding into new geographies, with Vistaar’s regulatory search capabilities

  • Get access to millions of Regulatory/Guidance documents across the globe in hundreds of countries at your fingertips, so that you can search for new regulations with ease and link them to applicable products

One Regulatory Intelligence Platform

  • Have your regulatory and compliance teams on one single platform, eliminating soloed activities and multi-versioned spreadsheets

  • Get everyone on the same page and automate time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks across the board, creating more room for high-priority work

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