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Medical Writing Formatting Automation

Word is undoubtedly the world’s most popular word processing program.

You’ve got your document formatted exactly to specifications: titles are properly bolded, headers/footers with margins all well aligned, page/section breaks in place, bullets sit in perfect lines. Then you insert just one troublesome table or footnote — everything is shot. Goodbye beautiful formatting; goodbye well-arranged page.

What seems to be a ‘simple’ edit has added 18 minutes of formatting time. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Our solution automates document formatting and most documents are auto-formatted in SECONDS. With 350+ extensive rules library, you pick and create your custom plans with flexibility of applying what/when to your documents on the fly. You are in control as all this is done using a simpler user interface that’s cloud-based (or can be run as batch connecting to your EDMS or RIM systems).

ROI / Savings: 70% and above compared to your current manual costs. Guaranteed!


Formatting Rules: Standard Out-of-box rules for most country requirements like FDA, EU, and other regions +you can use any custom formatting rules from our vast library on DOC or PDF (Layout, Style, Header/Footer, Tables, TOC, Bookmarks, Hyperlinks, and more).

Mode: You can do Real-time or run as Batch.

File Sources: Upload from your Desktop or use our pre-built connectors to SharePoint, Documentum, RIM, and several 3rd party Sources.

Download: Source/Output files and Formatting Report, Output files are available as ZIP or have our tool upload to your EDMS or your servers.

Access: Cloud (hosted on Private Cloud in USA/Germany) For high-volume work, on-prem available.

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