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Automation Overview

REGai Automation is designed from the ground level for quick and easy adoption and integration, so that you can begin automating even complex processes within no time.

REGai combines intuitive drag-and-drop ease of use, seamless integration with existing system infrastructures, scalability and customization to meet your exact needs plus deliver powerful automation ROI and benefits – in a short span of time.

& Quick


We collaborate with you to know your processes and needs, and how REGai can solve your challenges through customized automation.


We show you how to use simple drag-and-drop tools to design “smart” online forms, template driven or even import and convert your own.


Learn to build workflows, processes, rules with ease using our intuitive interface, without needing to enlist IT because there’s no programming necessary.


Your new automated processes are published in only hours or days, not months or quarters, so you’re reaping almost instant ROI.


with YANA, so you can use REGai to extend best practices into every corner of your enterprise connecting to your current systems to apply automation.