Are You Aware of Other Countrie’s Regulatory Requirements?

October 29, 2018 Regulatory intelligence

To enter into a market, biopharmaceutical companies should have information of local regulations irrespective of the type of drug. Tracking the local regulations of semi and non-regulated markets are the biggest challenges for an affiliate as there would be certain changes expected frequently in regulatory world. To ensure the regulatory compliance and patient safety, drug companies should keep a track of all regulatory changes. Oversight of regulatory notification would cost huge penalties from authorities and may lead to product recall from the respective markets.

The right decisions, fast access to accurate, authoritative regulation can make all the difference. Vistaar, a global regulatory intelligence tool, is specially designed for Regulatory (Strategy, Policy, Operations, and Submissions) teams.

It helps you to stay in compliance with regulatory requirements and avoids confusion in mapping regulations to drugs. The benefits of Vistaar include:

  • Vistaar, reports on current trends, interpretation of regulatory policy or guidance to improve processes, and key performance Indicators.
  • Maintains the centralized repository for regulatory intelligence or policy documents
  • Will help life science professionals stay up to date with the constantly changing/evolving regulatory environment with an easy access to continuously updated, accurate regulatory information.
  • image”>Increases RA productivity by 60 %
  • Provides updated regulatory data for clinical submissions, market authorization, safety reporting, manufacturing, Life Cycle Management and other details from multiple sources.
  • With simple mechanisms, Vistaar helps clients to navigate progressively complex and stringent regulatory requirements of global markets.
  • Maintained by global experts – their broad strategic knowledge gives up to date information.
  • Active agency network enables us to apply the latest information to product development and registration strategies under lesser timeframes