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Authors hate this and companies should respond

Where do authors spend most time that they hate. Easy guess, it’s Formatting and reviews. 

In spite of process documents, templates, rule books, qc checklists, authors still spend lot of time on non-core aspects like Formatting / QC / Reviews. 

Auto-formatting tools can save over 25 to 50% of Author / Writer’s time based on the complexity of the document. Authors can use this time for “core” activities while companies can increase capacity with existing teams without needing FTE increase or offshoring. 

Our 400+ library can auto-format your documents in seconds. You can simply upload / run / download in less than 5 minutes or link to Documentum / SharePoint / Veeva and others for file exchange automation. Library covers auto-fixes on Document level, Content / punctuations, Grammar, TOC, Bookmarks / hyperlinks, Header/Footer, and more areas. 

As Tables are most painful, here’s a sample list of rules that our tool can auto-correct and fix your documents.

There is no reason to do these manually when simpler tools are present. Try and adapt one of them to help your teams from this pain and save time / cost.

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