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Labeling Localization, Reusability and Translation Cost Reduction


It has long been known that converting documents and content to a digital foundation structure can improve efficiency, save time and reduce translation costs due to content reuse and automation. Major areas where REGai can reduce local country labeling (localization) project costs.

Cost savings occur in two general areas:

1. Reduced effort during content creation on the client’s part
2. Significantly reduced billable time from translation companies
3. Reduction of Review and QC cycles

General benefits of REGai for cost-effective localization and translation

For decades, many enterprises have used “flat” document structure in products like Microsoft Word. When content is converted to digital structure, it is possible to assemble “documents” from sub-document structure.

The following are widely recognized benefits of digital structuring for content that is translated and localized:

  • Separation of content from formatting styles, fonts, etc., either come from external style sheets or a component of the publishing solution separate from the document content
  • Country-specific publishing
  • Consistent document structure the number of editing and formatting decisions made by teams are dramatically reduced when digital structure is used
  • Content reuse linking and effective usage of content repository

Basically, the author “writes once” and “uses many times.” If one instance of a Caution or Warning is linked 200 times in a product, it only needs to be edited or translated once, and all instances are instantly corrected.

Although conversion to digital structure in and of itself will eventually lead to time and cost savings in localization and translations, the savings can be more dramatic when REGai is used as a solution. In short, REGai accommodates for the “human factor” of your Resources/Teams and key stakeholders who may have minimal time to come up to speed on a new solution.

In today’s demanding Labeling work stream, we are faced with more types of content to publish in more combinations for delivery to more countries. With that challenge, REGai will be highly appreciated by your team for “hiding” unnecessary complexity when you just need to concentrate on creating good, solid content.

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