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Regulatory Success Automation


You may think that regulatory automation is something that requires an intense technical infrastructure backed by a big budget to boot. But the truth is, even small businesses can use simple automation tools to improve regulatory success.

Companies are always looking for ways to streamline processes and make operations more efficient. One way to do this is by using automation tools to manage Regulatory activities.

What is Regulatory success automation?

Regulatory success automation is the process of using technology to automate tasks and procedures to accomplish goals related to Regulatory activities. This can include everything from new product registrations and Health Agency engagement to product lifecycle maintenance and internal cross-functional support.

Automation can help you improve efficiency and accuracy, freeing up time for your team to focus on more strategic tasks. It can also help you improve the Regulatory functions end customers experience, making it easier and faster to get the help they need. Not to mention you take the element of human error completely off the board.

Every business wants profitable products and maintain compliance, and what better way to launch them than to keep them compliant and satisfied with fast and efficient service?

Is automation for regulatory success expensive?

The answer to this question is no–there are many ways to use regulatory success automation without breaking the bank. In fact, some of the most effective techniques are pretty simple and easy to implement. You don’t need a software developer to automate some of the processes in your function. With the right tools, you can automate tasks related to regulatory easily and inexpensively.

Don’t touch those Documents

Manual formatting of any document or publishing is a total drain of Regulatory team’s time. It’s unacceptable in this automation age. Tools available to do auto-format, auto-fix issues in documents, QC and submission readiness with 1 click. Protect your time from these archaic activities.

Intelligent Alerts

Daily review of dashboards and reports is also a silent killer of time. Setup alerts easily and some tools does these automatically based on regulatory obligations and deadlines. Also alerts can be subscribed to any country specific regulatory changes or any issuance of guidance as that’s the area Regulatory teams can add lot of value to companies (and of course to their careers).

Automate Communication

Regulatory teams struggle to manage the rising expectations of customers (Agencies and internal teams), with response time and “bedside manner” being two of the many challenges affecting the turn-around times and not to mention the email load.

One solution is to set up automated and templated responses to an overall downturn in responsiveness over a series of conversations. The ability to locate and respond to a situation before it escalates by looking at alerts, reports from your existing systems can give days’ or weeks’ advance caution.

Create self-servicing experiences

The simplest automation strategy for regulatory success is to automate the cross functional documents and requirements handling. Greet your customers with links to important resources, reports, and documents.

Remember, your customers success is your success. By improving efficiency and eliminating human error, automation might be the best move for any size of Regulatory team in today’s age.

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