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Custom Automation Services

You have a big portfolio of digital tools that you use – but they don’t ‘talk’ to each other. You find yourself repeating your work on multiple platforms, all mandated by different parts of the business. If you’re not able to do so consistently, you are creating gaps in data that is required to move your business forward. If you are able to do so consistently, you know you are losing time, and eventually creating less value than you would like to create.

What We Do

We conduct a quick analysis of all data input and output points, map out all the users involved and begin estimating where the largest value can be derived. We inspect where errors are likely to happen and where majority of the frustrations lie. Custom automation doesn’t always indicate complete automation; we will decide together whether we go with fully automated or semi-automated solutions leveraging our platforms.

  • Web-based Solutions, Databases, or Desktop Applications

  • Integrate with existing systems

  • Macros, Scripting, Desktop Automation, or Additions to existing software

  • Extend the functionality of your existing EDMS, RIM, ERP, and other systems

  • Automate existing lists, tables, spread sheets, and charts

What You Get

Apart from saving time, money and error, you have the chance to gain a competitive advantage with software that is unavailable to competitors. You will have high-quality support dealing directly with us so the software can adapt as your business grows and transform. Plus, you get your energy back by not having to do tedious tasks.

  • Reduce Errors

  • Save Time

  • Save Money

  • Gain Competitive Advantage

  • Increase Your Team’s productivity and Efficiency Levels

Let DDi help you in Custom Automation journey, one step at a time.