Top 5 Trends of Enterprise Labeling in 2019

October 07, 2019

Globalization in the world of business has brought about a massive change. In such a situation, the organizations are solely motivated to attain growth and expansion. Previously organizations concentrated on their products and their performances to attain this change but now this has shifted.

Top 5 Trends of Enterprise Labeling in 2019

Integration & Reconciliation IRT Guidelines

IRT’s main function lies in Supplies Distribution throughout the study and acts as a Medication Assigning Tool during Randomization/Enrollment. IRT is designed in such a way that it captures only the minimum required data fields that are useful to carry out its functions.

Integration & Reconciliation IRT Guidelines

Technology Towards an Efficient Monitoring of Clinical Trials

September 23, 2019

Clinical study and technology are two such genres that are progressing at a rapid rate. The implementation of age old practices does not suffice in any of the scenarios. Clinical trials are common in pharmaceutical industries and they occupy a major part in the approval of a drug.

Clinical Trial Monitoring Technology

Bulk/Non-Uniquely Number Kits in a Study

If the Kits in a study are not identified with a unique number (Kit Number), then the study is intended to make use of the advantages of Bulk/Non Uniquely Numbered Kits. This concept of Kits can be generously used to distribute and assign blinded Kits, like Open-label Rescue medication, Run in Kits.

Clinical Studies

Labeling Changes & Challenges to Comply with EU MDR

April 24, 2019

The introduction of European Medical Device Regulation (EUMDR 2017/745) gives great importance to the end user to assist with the safe and proper use of a medical device(s). The EU MDR and other UDI-type of regulations is causing more and more medical device companies to revisit their labeling processes.

Structured Product Labeling

We are Direct to Subject Ready

The advantages of the D to S is multi faced for Subjects, Sites, CROs and Sponsors. We recognized the increasing significance of D to S which inspired us the build this features into our system. Our D to S is build to overcome unique challenges that come with this model.

Configurable IRT system

Clinical Trial Supplies Accountability

To account all the supplies of Clinical Trial is a regulatory requirement. Traditionally people used to use paper based or Excel based tracking of the Supplies. This is tedious, time consuming and error prone. DDi has built a robust and plug and play Supplies Accountability module into its mIRT.

Clinical Trial Supplies

Digitize Instructions for Use (IFU) to Comply with EU MDR

Mar 13, 2019

EU MDR is turning digitization on its head. This new regulation, which goes into effect May 26, 2020, is inducing digitization back to the forefront. EU MDR aim to enhance medical device safety and effectiveness and to realize this, the new regulation requires the use of eIFU.

Digitize Instructions

Clinical projects (you or your vendors/CROs) are putting them at Risk by 80%...

If you know your risks, I’m sure you or your teams manage them well (with KRIs or thresholds or logs or trackers). Question is what are you doing about the remaining 80% of risks. Most companies leave this key part to either untrained teams or vendors (and some of vendors doesn’t know risk management except to update a risk log before audits).

CRO Performance & RACT tool

Why Combining Performance, Oversight, Risk and Compliance are very important for your Clinical Development?

Unfortunately, most sponsors and CROs use multiple applications to manage their clinical studies. Integrating multiple applications may be challenging for example reporting through multiple apps, managing data & content across systems, limited collaboration, ease of use, Compliance with standards and the list goes on.

Oversight, Risk and Compliance

Why sponsors should opt Configurable IRT system, before opting any custom version?

Clinical trials are more complex than ever and a robust, reliable & cost efficient clinical supply strategy is vital more than ever before. The number and complexity of issues affecting supply chains have also grown to include costly comparative drugs, intricate protocols, delicate investigative compounds, adaptive clinical trials

Configurable IRT system

Are You Aware of Other Countrie's Regulatory Requirements?

October 29, 2018

To enter into a market, biopharmaceutical companies should have information of local regulations irrespective of the type of drug. Tracking the local regulations of semi and non-regulated markets are the biggest challenges for an affiliate as there would be certain changes expected frequently in regulatory world.

Countries Regulatory Requirements

Start small and smart with Labeling Automation

October 01, 2018

Companies who did large implementations have all noticed their costs and timelines doubled than what is budgeted initially. Yet, PwC's 2017 effectiveness benchmark report found that users spend half their time focused on mundane, repetitive tasks of gathering data from various systems. This led to many of the systems reaching the point of diminishing returns.

Smart  Labeling Automation

How are you managing your medical devices Regulatory Information?

Is your team still using Excel sheets, or other functional teams tools (such as registration trackers or ERP) to manage your global regulatory Health Authority / Notified Body compliance activities? Learn why these tools pose either compliance or business risks if you manage your regulatory activities.

Manage your Medical Device Regulatory Information