DDi to Exhibit at DIA Europe, in Brussels, June 30 - July 3 2020
      DDi to Exhibit at SCOPE Summit, in Orlando, USA, February 18-21 2020
      DDi to Exhibit at DIA RSIDM Forum, in N. Bethesda, USA, February 10-12 2020
      DDi to Exhibit at the Clinical Trials Europe / PCT, in CCIB, Barcelona, Spain, November 19-21 2019
      DDi to Exhibit at 10TH Annual EU MDR Affairs Conference, in Brussels, Belgium, November 13-14 2019
      DDi to Exhibit at RAPS Regulatory CONVERGENCE, in Philadelphia, USA, September 21-24 2019
      Join DDi at DIA's Global Annual Meeting, in San Diego, CA, June 23-27 2019
      Join DDi at MedTech Summit, in Brussels, Belgium, June 17-21 2019
      Meet DDi at Clinical Trial Supply Forum, in Brussels, Belgium, May 20-22 2019
      DDi to Exhibit at the MedTech Forum, in Paris, France, May 14-16 2019
      DDi to Exhibit at 2nd Annual Pharma Regulatory Summit, Mumbai, India, 14th March 2019
      DDi to Exhibit at the SCOPE Summit for Clinical Ops Executives in Hyatt Regency Orlando, Feb 18-21 2019
      DDi to Exhibit at DIA's RSIDM in North Bethesda, MD, USA 11 – 13 February 2019
      DDi to Exhibit at the DIA Europe 2019, Feb 05-07 in Vienna, Austria
      DDi to Exhibit at Life Science Regulatory Intelligence & Strategy
      DDi to Exhibit at MedTech Conference 2018
      DDi to Exhibit at the 2018 DIA Global Annual Meeting, June 25-27 in Boston, MA
      Meet DDi at MedTech Summit 2018 in Brussels
      Meet DDi at 9th Annual Clinical Trial Summit 2018 in Mumbai
      Meet DDi at eRegulatory Summit in SANA Lisboa Hotel, Lisbon on 24th - 26th April 2018
      DDi at RSIDM 2018 (Reg Information)
      DDi at Clinical Technology & Innovation (Scope Summit 2018)
      Visit DDi at Safety Labeling and Packaging summit from 14-15 September 2017, NJ
      Visit DDi at SCDM Annual Conference on 24-27 September 2017
      Visit DDi at DIA Annual Meet on 18-22 June 2017
      DDi at DIA RSIDM 2017
      DDi at 13th Clinical Performance Metrics Summit, PA on 5-6 December 2016
      DDi at IDMP Congress on 8-9 December in PA
      DDi at IRT 2016 on 25-26 October in PA
      Visit DDi at SCDM Annual Conference, San Deigo on 11-14 September 2016
      Join DDi at PharmaCon Asia, Singapore on 2nd-5th August 2016
      Meet DDi team at Booth No: 1738 in DIA Annual Meeting 2016 at Philadelphia, PA on 26th - 30th June
      Visit DDi at 27th Annual EuroMeeting & 8th Annual Clinical Forum, DIA Europe on April 13-15 in Paris
      Join DDi at IDMP Congress 16-17 March 2016,Barcelona, Spain
      DDi is participating in Scope Summit on Feb 24 - 26, 2015 at Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida
      Join us at Booth no: B16 in DIA Annual EuroMeet,Germany on 6th-8th April,2016
      Meet us at DIA Annual Meeting, PA on 26-30 June 2016
      DDi at IRT EU on 13-14 June 2016
      Visit DDi at ACDM Annual Conference in BMA House, London on 17 th March 2016.
      Join us at SCDM Annual Conference,Booth no # 514, Washington DC on 20-23 September 2015.
      Meet us at @ 4th Annual Clinical Development & 5th Annual Pharma R&D Asia Congress in Shanghai, China
      Meet us at ClinTech 2014 conference,Cambridge,Massachusetts
      Meet us at 14th Annual European Clinical Data Forum 2014, Brussels
      Meet us at DIA 26th Annual EuroMeeting Vienna 2014
      Meet us at ACDM Annual Conference 2014, UK
      Meet us at DIA- Euromeeting, Amsterdam 2013
      Meet Us at DIA-CDM Japan Annual Workshop
      Meet us at DIA EDM and ERS/eCTD conference 2012

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