DDi at 13th Clinical Performance Metrics Summit, PA on 5-6 December 2016

It is very crucial for the Pharma Companies to run the clinical trials efficiently, to a high-quality standard and on budget. ExL Pharma’s 13th Clinical Performance Metrics Summit will bring together executives from pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies to uncover best practices to drastically enhance the clinical metrics system and make sure your clinical studies are the highest possible quality.

DDi is participating in the 13th Clinical Performance Metrics Summit at PA. DDi’s Vendor/CRO Oversight solution using its proprietary technology TULA has been successfully helping sponsors to achieve these goals by augmenting their internal teams and project management. TULA is sophisticated oversight and risk management tool which supports sponsors in getting “Smarter Oversight Solution” by incorporating the proper techniques of risk management and central monitoring. Come and meet our team to know on our Clinical Oversight Management Solution