DDi at IRT 2016 on 25-26 October in PA

The Pharma & Bio Pharma industry is rapidly moving towards end-to-end drug accountability in clinical trials as there is a need to track the receipt of a drug from shipment to dispensing, return and destruction. The IRT continues to gain momentum as a critical component to clinical trial and supply chain strategy, and as the complexity of trials continues to rise, optimizing the IRT is paramount.

Join DDi at IRT 2016 – CBI’s Interactive Response Technologies in Clinical Trials on OCTOBER 25-26, 2016 at HILTON AT PENN’S LANDING in PHILADELPHIA, PA. DDi’s mIRT provides the ideal Lean, Faster, Cost Efficient tool for clinical supply management.

  • Detailed supply management functionality coupled with both ivrs and iwrs randomization functionality. No bulky workflows and unwanted bells & whistles. Completely LEAN
  • FASTER Implementation : UI based configuration leading to less startup time and lesser QA times
  • COSTS lesser than others by up to 50%