Join DDi at IDMP Congress 16-17 March 2016,Barcelona, Spain

European Union legislation is driving Identification of medicinal product implementation. The commission implementing regulation specifies that ISO (International organization for standardization) standards will be used to lay down foundation of IDMP and implementation sunrise date is July 2016.
The IDMP Congress provides critical insight to prepare your organization with the most streamlined IDMP preparation prior to the release of the final regulatory data standards in Europe.

For every pharmaceutical company to market products in Europe, the ISO IDMP presents a massive and imminent compliance challenge. MPDsmart offers IDMP implementation aligned with EMA SPOR master data model and iterative approach. Join us in Spain to discuss more on what MPDsmart is providing. MPDsmart gives a quick and smart virtual overview of all the data sources involved. It helps doing initial data profiling on source data to provide a good overview of data quality of specific source data fields that are to be used for IDMP.