Sophisticated IRT, Randomization and clinical Trial Supply Management

For companies looking for a sophisticated randomization and clinical supply chain management solutions clinical supply management tool, mIRT brings in greater value through its interactive response technology offering voice and web based system in an integrated platform.



  • Randomization - Simple, Blocked, Stratified, Cohort, Cross-over and Titration studies
  • Custom Algorithms
  • Emergency code breaks with double authorization
  • Supports open-label and double-blind randomizations in multi-arm clinical studies

Clinical Supplies

  • Labeling information
  • Medication Assignment
  • Drug Accountability & Returns
  • Expiry Management
  • Manage kit retention
  • Balancing inventory as per randomization plan

Study Management

  • Configurable Study Settings
  • Open / Close study modules
  • Update Inventory Settings

Site Management

  • Activate / Deactivate / Reactivate Site
  • Open / Close Screening & Randomization
  • Cohort Management

Patient Management

  • From screening, enrollment randomization till the subject withdraws/completes the trial


Quick Implementation:

Based on the client’s existing IT infrastructure and study needs; mIRT can be easily and rapidly deployed as an on-demand/ Hosted solution with complete validation.

Patient Randomization:

An interactive web & voice response system that supports complex randomization design like Cohort, Cross-over and Titration studies.

Improved Study Blinding:

mIRT helps improve the blinding process by allocating treatment groups in a controlled and unbiased manner. This ensures increased efficiency and productivity with lower error rates.

Efficient Clinical Supply Management:

Efficient Management of Clinical Supply from initial shipment to re-supply, thus ensuring availability of proper kits at the right time and right place.

Supplies Strategies to Satisfy Needs at Site :

mIRT handles Site Needs through automatic shipment settings backed up by manual shipment functionality. Design to send blinded and unblinded Shipments.
Buffer Strategy - Handles non predictable needs.
Prediction Strategy - Handles predictable needs.

Seamless Integration with EDC and CTMS Systems:

Full integration with EDC systems to minimize data entry errors and saves time by avoiding double entry of site, patient, drug assignment, and demographic data into two systems.

Secured Data Protection & Disaster Management:

Includes security features to prevent wrong randomization and unauthorized access.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership:

mIRT solution provides significant time and cost savings. Companies can easily streamline their complex studies with fast access to data, enabling intelligent decisions to drive efficiencies in the management of clinical trials.

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