2 of Global TOP 10 Biopharma companies selected REGai for Regulatory Automation

DDi is a leading Automation & AI solution provider for Life sciences industry. REGai is touted to manage various aspects of Regulatory affairs, Submissions/Publishing, CMC and Regulatory Writing and considered as distinct way out for all the regulatory automation requirements.

Experience the automation & cognitive Era with REGai

REGai is selected by two global top 10 pharma companies to assist several functional areas. Primary objectives of these sponsors to use REGai include efficiency gains, time reduction and cost savings.

REGai addressing these challenges:

Single platform

REGai platform as a foundation can be leveraged to automate several functions and activities in Regulatory Operations, Regulatory Affairs, Regulatory Writing and CMC, enabling the orchestration of all means of modern work — humans and bots complimenting each other.

Improves performance Efficacy and measurable Outcome

Measurable outcomes and improved efficiency have been two of the main reasons in selecting REGai for automation. Automated systems characteristically execute the current processes with less intervention, ensuring better control and reliability of quality. Also, augmented process control makes more ingenious use of existing teams, ensuring fewer errors/issues.

Maintaining regulatory compliance

Automated Regulatory in place helps global regulatory affairsand operations ensure compliance by embedding required controls & country specific requirements in REGai at different stages. It will facilitate your products on the market by executing proactive compliance and speeding up new market approvals.