DDi released next version of TULA with oversight features

Data is the most strategic asset in Drug Development. Governance is the vessel that organizations can use to take the necessary steps in transforming data into actionable, enterprise-wide insights while ensuring regulatory compliance and patient safety.

Life science companies need to recognize data as a strategic asset instead of a byproduct of the IT system. Companies still haven’t embraced the true value of governance. There is better awareness of governance, but it is still in an infantile state. People are exhausted from putting so much effort into the data that they haven’t progressed beyond that point. Organizations need to wrap their heads and hands around the data value chain – how data is acquired, how it is aggregated and put into a version of truth. Deeply immersing in data and information governance is as daunting a task as it is, not doing anything about the flood of data may be more damaging. There is so much data, we need to channel it in a way people don’t feel bottlenecked by the centralization of the data. We need to make it accessible and balancing access with the governance of data that is consistent and accurate is a constant challenge.

Addressing this growing challenge, DDi’s Risk Management Solution TULA, has come up with oversight features in the updated version. DDi, a prominent technology solution company, brings products and solutions that fit-for-purpose and make-sense. It has built its solution competency with a unique blend of functional and domain expertise to serve the technology needs of global clients. The customer base includes organizations from Top 50 global Pharma companies to small & mid-size biotechnology, medical device companies as well as academic/ research institutes.

Vendor/CRO and clinical studies Oversight is Sponsor’s responsibility and accountability. Performance management of teams involved, both internal and external, is closely tied to this as well. An integrated Oversight and Risk aligns these areas making them more efficient and manageable. It enables organizations to become proactive in identifying issues, rather than always having to react once they have arisen. Inefficiencies, errors, and potential risks can be identified, avoided, or contained, reducing exposure of the organization and ultimately creating better business performance. A single centralized system across the study/project portfolio will enable companies to have a single source of truth to utilize for systematic enforcement of risk and compliance policies across. With growing reliance on CROs for development projects, having a standardized tool that enforces policies and to ensure metrics measurement confidence is paramount to the overall success. TULA, the Risk & Oversight Tool has been designed to allow organizations to thrive by providing the capability to Identify and minimize the risk of something going wrong, by providing appropriate oversight to anticipate problems with ability and knowledge to deal with issues.

The New Features of TULA covers Oversight, Performance Management, Risk Management, Quality & Compliance, Finance/ Budget and Issue Management.

To know more about the updated version of TULA, email us: info@ddismart.com or request for DEMO: TULA@ddismart.com