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REGai expands Industry leading Document Publishing Library

REGai, a leading platform of Regulatory Automation solutions, is excited to announce the expansion of our Library. This innovative expansion to the REGai suite of tools further enhances the company’s commitment to offering comprehensive and efficient solutions for regulatory writing (Clinical, CMC, Labeling), publishing, and submissions.

As the demand for regulatory compliance continues to rise, pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies face the challenge of ensuring accuracy and timeliness in their regulatory submissions. With the new Publishing Library, REGai empowers these organizations by providing a powerful Library to help speed up publishing and reduce cost upto 70% compared to their manual processes.


Key Benefits of the REGai Publishing Library:

Increased Efficiency: The Publishing Library automates time-consuming tasks, reducing the potential for errors and allowing regulatory professionals to focus on critical content creation.

Streamlined Collaboration: The library enables seamless collaboration across teams, fostering efficient communication and enhancing productivity throughout the regulatory writing and publishing process.

Quality Control: Built-in Quality Control (QC) features ensure the accuracy and consistency of regulatory documents, minimizing the risk of errors and rejections during submission.

REGai’s Publishing Library is an integral part of the company’s commitment to providing leading solutions that optimize the regulatory operations of life sciences organizations. By continuously evolving their suite of tools, REGai reaffirms their position as a trusted partner in the industry, serving the evolving needs of regulatory professionals worldwide.

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