TOP 100 Global Pharma company selected mIRT

Clinical Supply management and Randomization technology is critical to any clinical trial to ensure right supplies reach patients on right time to ensure patient continuity in trial and balancing this core objective with less drug wastage. Technology vendors till date approach this with specs collections, customization, testing, UAT steps applying the traditional development model. This leads to prolonged build items and extra testing for the tool, ultimately sponsors paying the price of these inefficiencies.

mIRT is the only tool in market which proudly categorizes itself as “No-BUILD” by offering all functionality in UI configuration there by reducing build as well as UAT times there by passing higher savings to sponsors.

A global TOP 100 pharma company did not want to maintain “Status-quo” and go with traditional approach as teams were really looking for next level of tool and at same time with motive of saving time and cost for the company. mIRT was selected after considering 2 other vendor tools. Main reason for selection was the truly configurable “no-build” option mIRT offered which led to drastic start-up time, less testing resulting in deep savings overall.