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clinical supplies technologies
Webinar : Clinical Supplies Technology and IRT Standardisation
Every study is special, but when it comes to building an IRT system do we really need to re-invent the wheel every time we pick up a new study protocol?

vendor cro oversight
Webinar : Vendor/CRO Oversight How effectively are you doing?
Vendor/CRO Oversight is sponsor responsibility and accountability. Vendor Oversight is a high level but an intellectual task which needs right plan, approach and good technology support

IRT Systems
Webinar : Successful IRT Partnerships
Given the specialist nature of IRT systems, it is now almost impossible for mid and small-sized pharma companies.

Reduce Build Time of IRT Systems
Webinar : Reduce Build Time of IRT Systems
As we move deeper into the 21st century, technologies available to clinical research teams are evolving at an ever-increasing rate. Whilst this evolution allows clinical trials

Developing IRT
Webinar : Developing IRT & UAT : Making The Most of Your Vendor Partnerships
The partner companies we work with are critical to our success and never more so than when we select and cooperate with an IRT service provider.


Clinical Supplies Management
Webinar : Best Practices on IRT and Clinical Supplies Management
IRT systems are critical to correct randomization and efficient drug supply management but too often they are an afterthought for a team juggling many conflicting priorities.

Risk Based Monitoring
Webinar : Are you ready for RBM: process and technology wise ?
With the FDA and EMA Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM) guidances as well as the upcoming ICH E6 (R2) changes, are you ready for RBM? This webinar will help you assess

Risk Management in Clinical
Webinar : Risk Management in Clinical
After issuance of the guidance document ICH Q9 - Quality Risk Management in 2006, there was an expectation that every discipline within the pharmaceutical industry

Clinical Vendor Oversight
Webinar : CRO - Clinical Vendor Oversight Webinar
CRO/Vendor oversight should support sponsor regulatory requirements and cost containment. This balance requires a risk-based approach at the system and project level.