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Clinical Supplies Management
Webinar : Best Practices on IRT and Clinical Supplies Management
IRT systems are critical to correct randomization and efficient drug supply management but too often they are an afterthought for a team juggling many conflicting priorities.

Risk Based Monitoring
Webinar : Are you ready for RBM: process and technology wise ?
With the FDA and EMA Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM) guidances as well as the upcoming ICH E6 (R2) changes, are you ready for RBM? This webinar will help you assess

Risk Management in Clinical
Webinar : Risk Management in Clinical
After issuance of the guidance document ICH Q9 - Quality Risk Management in 2006, there was an expectation that every discipline within the pharmaceutical industry

Clinical Vendor Oversight
Webinar : CRO - Clinical Vendor Oversight Webinar
CRO/Vendor oversight should support sponsor regulatory requirements and cost containment. This balance requires a risk-based approach at the system and project level.