For Labeling Teams, What Does 10 Minutes Saving Per Day Means?

February 26, 2020 Labeling Automation

That’s 40 hours time saved per year. The more per day time saving, obviously means more time saved in addition.

Use this time that you’ll save for your strategic planning, process optimizations, improvement planning, or more coffee indulging breaks or relaxing yoga time …

With saving time for labeling teams in mind, LABELai addresses content development or tracking challenges and processes in day-to-day labeling teams work. LABELai innovatively automates local content utilizing AI and NLP technologies augmented by built-in Regulatory requirements of several countries.


Higher Accuracy     Higher Accuracy of local labeling content creation and maintenance

Less Oversight     Less Oversight & time required form Head Quarters / central teams

Deep Cost Savings     Deep Cost savings

Label Compliance     Finally, top-down label compliance achievement