Linked Labeling: Maximizing Content Management Complexity?

December 03, 2019
Labeling Automation

Content management is becoming a burden for the life science industry when it comes to labeling. The interdependency of all the phases has a negative impact on the revenue, the rate of sales, market entrance and often leading to rejection of registrations. A minor change in any one of the phase be it manufacturing, regulatory, safety or even supply chain would need the entire label to be changed. Moreover, a country-specific tracking system for labeling is unavailable leaving the records to be updated manually. Now it has become a necessity to resolve these issues and in this paper, we would be highlighting all such possible remedies.

In this situation of transformation, the complexity arising out of connected labeling will sustain. Still the initiatives that are being taken by the labeling firms are quite apt as they make accession of a huge amount of data possible globally. It is yet to reach the ideal scenario where cross-functionality would be necessary. The introduction of a program that would be catering to all the labeling needs should include the necessary details, the changed regulations, list of the interdependent countries and even the changes undertaken by the major global organizations. All these would make sure that the level of complexity associated with connected labeling will get reduced.

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