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We are Direct to Subject Ready


The advantages of the D to S is multi faced for Subjects, Sites, CROs and Sponsors. We recognized the increasing significance of D to S which inspired us the build this features into our system. Our D to S is build to overcome unique challenges that come with this model.

Supplies Distribution: Supplies can be distributed based on a verity of parameters. This includes discrete & bulk kits with automatic and manual shipments based on buffer and prediction strategies. Fully capable of handling blinded and unblinded supplies and personnel.

Supplies Accountability: Simple, user friendly UIs powered by semi automatic functionality makes us the market leader.

Partial Direct to Subject: Subjects can be engaged at local hospitals/labs for dispensing the mediation and collecting other details required IRT. There can ‘n’ number of satellite sites for a given site that can be controlled centrally.

Full Direct to Subject: Full direct subject parameters are capable delivering medication and other trail related activities at the door steps of Subjects.

mIRT Integration with Supplies Vendors: We are two way integrated with leading Supplies Vendors to carry out Full and Partial Direct to Subject activates across the globe.

flexible, quick, user-friendly, accurate, reliable, and esthetic tool backed up by experienced Technical and Subject Matter Expert teams.

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