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DDi’s Patent-pending LABELai has New Version for Cloud to Address Labeling Challenges Effectively

DDi, a regulatory technology and automation provider, announces the release of upgraded Cloud version of patent-pending LABELai. With Labeling challenges increasing and teams need to move to digitization faster. LABELai handles label lifecycle management and with this Cloud version making the enterprise class software and its benefits to even smaller and medium sized companies without the burden of costlier and longer implementation times.

LABELai is the only Labeling tool that ensures top down approach linking local labels to CCDS. This system utilizes the Artificial Intelligence, NLP business rules internally coupled with country specific regulatory guidelines, all in a easy to use cloud platform. LABELai tool has processes that address the labeling challenges as per local regulations, label changes, language support, formatting and safety related changes by providing digitized content management, automated text comparison, built in work flow management and local label conversions.

LABELai provides end-to-end support for labeling such as CCDS create/update, SmPC/USPI create/update, SPL generation, LPD create and update using inbuilt country specific LPD/RPI templates /Client templates.

Mahesh Malneedi at DDi concludes: “Many Labeling teams need a simpler function rich tool that help them manage labeling content management linking different versions of CDS and ensuring compliance. Patent-Pending LABELai offers them the core functionality they require in a cost effective, ‘compliance-ready’ cloud platform, which will allow them to take control of label data across the countries.”

About DDi

DDi brings products and solutions that fit-for-purpose and make-sense. It has built its solution competency with a unique blend of functional and domain expertise to serve the technology needs of global clients by leveraging automation and AI where ever possible. The customer base includes organizations from Top 50 global Pharma companies to small & mid-size biotechnology, medical device companies as well as academic/ research institutes.

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