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TULA recognized as “The 10 Most Trusted Risk and Compliance Solution Providers”

In today’s world, the solution provider companies are implementing automation, to reduce the complexity by increasing the efficiency and the performance of the applications. Now a days, the risk and compliance solutions are empowering companies to create and coordinate, to control and map solutions to regulatory & internal compliance requirement as well. In this world of automation, with several years of experience, DDi stands upright to provide efficient solutions to the customers. It is a prominent Technology partner to the Life Sciences Industry. DDi’s Source of Inspiration Mahesh Malneedi is the Co-Founder and CEO of DDi -Drug Development Informatics. By envisioned future of growing need of Information Technology in Healthcare Domain, Mahesh established DDI to provide better and future IT needs of Life Science and Pharma Industries. Innovative Technology Products and Solutions of DDi DDi is having a strong internal team with domain expertise to build and deploy end to end solutions. It delivers smarter technology for Clinical Development, Regulatory and Compliance domains, by providing innovative products and solutions for the clients of various sizes that allow them to manage budget wisely while maintaining high levels of quality and data integrity. “In DDi we believe in values, which stand us apart from all other solution providers in delivering the business needs of the customer” expressed Mahesh. However, these core values are always driven by setting standards in excellence in technology for future readiness, better ROI, profitability and operational efficiency. DDi is developing in-house solutions TULA, by keeping the massive advancements including risk and compliance solutions providers, which can serve the needs of industry with risk and compliances associated with it. However, TULA is an advanced Risk Compliance application that enables the organization in managing their studies more easily. The application handles different modules like project performance, risk management, compliance management and vendor management. Each of the modules can be configured as per the client specification, where the alerts and email from the application make the user easy to manage. DDi portfolio also contains a wide range of solutions which includes eClinical solutions like mIRT, mCODER, the Regulatory solutions like ViSU, LABELai, and the Enterprise solutions like TULA, safeXchange. The Evolving Opportunities Highlighting the exiting lines of opportunity in this sector, any company rather it’s a private, public, large or even small company, can implement Risk and Compliance tools. Those tools support its business goals, to manage risk effectively and stay on top of the compliance. A single centralized system will enable companies to have a single source of truth to utilize for systematic monitoring of portfolio, project, and studies performance, risk and compliance policies across. Elements Essential in Overcoming the Challenges At the starting phase, even new ideas which are evolving in the market can be attributed as a key challenge for an organization. At that time, company explored the existing needs of industry and transformed them into an application based IT product. Where, the dedicated R&D team of DDi has chosen a progressive path in developing new products and understanding the customer requirements, to sustain in the market with unique innovations. The decision-making, resource and portfolio management, risk management, and regulatory compliance are yet to be included in a Risk and compliance framework. This will not be effective unless the organization’s executive leadership really supports cultural change. By implementing a structured risk and compliance software in an organization, one needs to understand the organization exact requirement and customize as per the business needs. But this can be successful only when the organization supports the risk and compliance actions. Exceptional Key Differentiators of DDi Mahesh explained that by focusing on the Future, the company is bringing an exceptional understanding of the industry and trends, to build solutions that are sustainable, scalable. As the entire team of DDi is innovating constantly, to address tomorrow’s challenges today, by helping the clients to stay ahead of the curve, to stay cost effective, and to stay competitive. “We believe in customer first”—exclaimed Mahesh, while talking about their excellent services. Though solutions are geared to make customers exceptionally successful, this can be achieved through quality, cost, industry insight, and deep technical expertise. The company is deeply focusing on systems integration, IT solutions for the healthcare industry for industries that are driving economic growth. However, the products and the solutions are among the best in the world, as the company has an experience of serving large and medium organizations across the globe in enhancing their business excellence and marketplace impact. This all is possible because of the technologically trained and mentored team of DDi is giving exposure to working on the most challenging global assignments. Benefits Gained by the Clients Clients are getting remarkable benefits from DDi. Numerous types of benefits such as resolving issues through transparent and reliable communication, and the quality product delivery by following high standards, providing resource capability, & investing deep in Research and Development, this will help to solve the customer problems which also keeps them to be future ready. The dedicated team of DDi is working on advanced technologies, to solve problems of clients by leveraging Artificial Intelligence & Automation. Delineate Future DDi is planning to become one of a top global leader in providing Technology & Automation Solutions to Life Sciences Industries to help in decreasing the increased cost burden of new products. Source :-