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Labeling End-to-End Tracking & Management

End-to-End labeling management is every labeling organization’s deep desire/ambition. With content in some EDMS system and regulatory changes in other systems, this has been a nice-to-have action as opposed to must-to-have activity.

With our solution, complete end-to-end labeling management tracking is possible from change requests, workflows, metrics, assessments, content linkage, templates, approvals and, tracking enabling labeling teams to manage Product Information and labeling documentation. Workflow and smart sheets automate client operations (regulatory labeling) to handle repetitive, labor-intensive tasks, including data extraction, review, and management to help drive significant productivity and compliance across labeling processes. E2E labeling solution improves processes and increase business value for your regulatory or labeling teams or business leads.

Process Management

    • Support end-to-end labeling processes, including labeling change management and regulatory compliance tracking
    • End-to-end traceability and consistent oversight with strong process control
    • Cross-functional deep collaboration on global and local/country level (through task assignments, auto alerts, metrics tracking)
    • Automate Health Authority or Regulatory Body data/content exchange
    • Interact/Communicate with other stake holders like Artwork and Supply chain teams with minimal touch points (through tool with simple workflows)

Content Management

    • Manage labeling data and documents through a single repository at local and international level
    • Manage, reuse and control product information throughout its lifecycle
    • Manage country dependencies per product
    • Reuse or repurpose approved content from a central resource

Integration / BPM

    • Leverage your current EDMS or RIM where we can complement or fill gaps in your current systems/processes
    • Integrate to your SAP/ERP for labeling artifacts exchange
    • Regulatory intelligence (150 countries) already integrated

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