CRO oversight Performance, Risk Management & Compliance Software

AI - driven Platform helping clients accomplish CRO/Vendor Performance, Risk Management, & Clinical Data Management Automation

Combine your Operational data (EDC, CTMS, other) with a large number of documents (Monitoring reports, quality documents, inspection reports) seamlessly generated in TULA and accomplish multiple goals at ONE place. Simply eliminate the need for siloed systems or ongoing painful data integration challenges. Besides, with our already built-in data sets (global clinical study databases, TA guidelines, country regulations), you can derive better insights to improve your automation efforts...

Being cloud-based with most of the focus areas already built-in, TULA decreases your IT burden drastically. Leverage the AI engine underneath TULA to start utilizing for your different Clinical projects spanning from Documents to Data.

TULA TM enables organizations to thrive by providing capabilities to:

Oversight performance tool in clinical trials Clinical trial monitoring AI-Driven Technology CRO Oversight Performance tool CRO oversight tool

Focus Areas:

CRO oversight Performance & RBM Tool for Clinical Trial

Key Benefits

  • Combines data & text effectively to connect all sources leading to newer insights and hidden risks/issues.
  • Helps you to be proactive (Effective linkage of Controls, Risks & Metrics)
  • Centralized Vendor/Project Performance (Projects, Portfolios & Functions linked & rolled up) simple yet accurate
  • Action-driven (with timely Signal alerts & Predictions)

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